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Top 9 Machine Learning Applications in Malaysia

Become a Machine Learning (ML) professional with the Machine Learning using Python and R program in Malaysia. Gain universal knowledge of ML algorithms and applications using the two most popular programming languages. Practice Python and R to assist regression analysis and to build prognostic models. Orient yourselves with Black Box systems like Neural Networks and Maintenance Vector Machine. Machine Learning Preparation using Python and R programming includes a summary of analytical techniques used to manipulate huge amounts of data and then driving meaningful business visions from the same.

Top 9 Machine Learning Applications

Machine Learning Applications

Image Recognition

One of the best common uses of machine learning is image recognition. There are several conditions where you can organize the object as a digital image. For numerical descriptions, the measurements term the outputs of each pixel in the image.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition (SR) is the conversion of spoken arguments into text. Speech recognition is also identified as “automatic speech recognition”, “computer language recognition”, or “speech to text”.

In speech appreciation, a software application identifies spoken words. The measurements in this application might be a set of statistics that represent the speech signal. We can section the signal into portions that comprise distinct words or phonemes. In each section, we can represent the speech sign by the intensities or energy in diverse time-frequency bands.

Medical Diagnosis

ML offers methods, techniques, and tools that can support solving diagnostic and prognostic problems in the variability of medical domains. It is being used for the analysis of the importance of clinical parameters and of their mixtures for prognosis, e.g. prediction of disease progression, for the extraction of medical knowledge for outcomes investigation, for therapy planning and support, and general patient management.

Statistical Arbitrage

In finance, statistical arbitrage refers to robotic trading strategies that are characteristic of the short term and involve a huge number of securities. In such policies, the user tries to instrument a trading algorithm for traditional security based on quantities such as historical correlations and general financial variables.

 Learning Associations

Learning association is the procedure of increasing insights into numerous associations between products. A good example is how unrelated goods may reveal an association with one another. When examined about the purchasing behaviors of customers.


Classification is a procedure of placing each separate from the people under study in several classes. This is classified as independent variables.


Ruminate the example of a bank computing the possibility of any of the loan applicants faulting the loan repayment. To compute the possibility of the fault, the system will first necessity to classify the obtainable data in certain groups. It is defined by an established of rules prescribed by the analysts.


Information Extraction (IE) is an additional application of machine learning. It is the procedure of extracting organized information from unstructured data. For example web pages, articles, blogs, commercial reports, and e-mails. The social database conserves the output produced by the info extraction.