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    MS Office Program Will Cover Below Four Modules;

    • Module-01  MS Word
    • Module-02  MS Excel
    • Module-03  PowerPoint
    • MS OFFICE Course Key
    • Learning
    • Microsoft Office Word Essential


    • A Quick Tour of the
    • MS Office Interface
    • Using MS Word Document Styles
    • Spellchecking a Document
    • Find & Replace, and the New Navigation Pane
    • Adding a List in Word
    • Inserting a Table
    • Inserting a Chart and a Picture
    • Using Auto Correct, and a Look at Quick Parts
    • Saving a Document as a Template
    • Lab work and Quiz
    • Microsoft Office Excel Essential


    • Excel Calculations – Subtraction
    • Excel Calculations – Multiplying by a Percentage
    • Excel Calculations – Subtracting and Multiplying in the Same Formula
    • Excel Calculations – The Invoice
    • Excel Calculations – Locking Cell References
    • Excel Formulas and Functions
    • Inserting Functions from the Autosum Button
    • Excel Named Ranges
    • Outlining in Excel
    • Sorting Data in Excel
    • Adding Filters in Excel
    • Introduction to Excel Tables
    • Lab work and Quiz
    • Microsoft Office PowerPoint Essential


    • PowerPoint Basics
    • Adding a Bullet List and a Table
    • Adding a Chart to your Presentation
    • Adding a SmartArt Diagram to a Slide
    • Adding Images in PowerPoint
    • Adding Slide Transitions and Applying a Theme
    • Adding Animations
    • Putting it All Together
    • Lab work and Quiz