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    • What is SEO?
    • Define “SEO”
    • Why is SEO important?
    • How do people find your website?
    • How do search engines find your website?
    • What does Google measure?
    • Key terms and concepts
    • PageRank
    • On-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO
    • On-Page SEO ranking
    • Nested internal links
    • Keywords
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Keyword Research

    1. One Word Keywords
    2. Two Word Keywords
    3. Three Word keywords / Keyword Phrases

    SEO Advance Techniques

    • Introduction to Search Engines
    • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Keyword Research & Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis & Finalization
    • On-Site SEO Factors
    • Link Building Techniques
    • Content Optimization
    • Google PageRank
    • Google Algorithm & SEO
    • Steps of SEO
    • SEO for Dynamic Websites
    • SEO SPAM (Black Hat & Gray Hat Techniques)
    • Website Monitoring & Enhancements
    • Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics
    • Website Project

    On Page Optimization

    • Meta title
    • Meta tags
    • Meta keywords
    • Meta description
    • Website content
    • Internal pages content
    • Product descriptions
    • Product meta tile
    • Product meta descriptions
    • Products related keywords
    • External links
    • Internal links
    • Broken links
    • Images alt tags
    • Video integration
    • Website loading speed
    • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
    • First Input Delay (FID)
    • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
    • Mobile-Friendly
    • Safe browsing
    • HTTPS activation
    • AMP

    Instagram Ads

    • Product Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • Low Budget
    • Maximum engagement
    • Good ROI
    • Higher Sales
    • Targeted Audience
    • Easy To Sale




    Types Of Facebook Campaigns:

    1. Brand Awareness
    2. Brand Engagement ( pages viewed, time on site)
    3. Reach Facebook Campaign
    4. Traffic 
    5. Engagement
    6. App Installation
    7. Video Views
    8. Lead Generation
    9. Messages
    10. Conversions
    11. Catalogue Sales
    12. Store Traffic
    13. Publicity
    14. High amount of traffic to your website
    15. Conversions
    16. Good ROI

    Engagement type

    1. Post Engagement
    2. Page Likes
    3. Event Responses

    App installs campaign type

    1. Automated app ads
    2. App ads

    Google | PPC | SEM | Youtube Ads | Gmail Ads

    How Digital Marketing is the Basic Need For Your Business

    Digital Marketing Diploma In KarachiIn the past few years, there has been an exemplary global shift to digitizing from analog methods. Therefore, more and more people, brands, and consumers are taking all sorts of information online, which makes digital marketing a great way to reach out to potential consumers. Digital marketing diploma in Karachi is not only beneficial for businesses? but also for consumers in a way to compare and weigh their options without having to travel to different brand outlets, saving travel costs and hassle altogether.

    What is digital marketing? It is an approach of attracting a relevant audience to your brand that will then set an example of a successfully flourishing business. A successful digital marketing diploma in Karachi may be really helpful for fresh students to make their mark in the digital market as it is a platform to get loads of traffic to your website to convert them into sales. In a fast-paced world of digitizing, being equipped with the right tools and information can boost your chances for completion and survival in your respective market as well as the growth of your business.

    Here is how digital marketing can be beneficial for small and large businesses.

    1. Higher Growth Opportunities for Businesses

    Digital marketing helps all large and small businesses when they choose the right marketing method following their budget to reach their target audience smoothly and less expensively. Looking several years to especially advertise your product or service was actually a task itself that required lots of capital and human workforce, while it can now be done by simply using your computer or even a smartphone. In digital marketing training, you will learn that when you focus on your relevant and target audience, there are lesser chances of being neglected in the market.

    1. A Cost-Effective Marketing Option

    Businesses, especially small ones, with less capital, need to save up a lot of resources before finally making some profit. In this case, digital marketing sets a way to reach out to as many consumers as you want within your budget at the same time. You have a choice to plan your advertising strategy that perfectly suits your budget and to customize your strategy according to your market experiences. There are different digital marketing courses to help you work around a business marketing strategy based on your particular niche.

    1. Establishes Brand Reputation

    Every business needs to build its reputation in the market and the eyes of their potential consumers to survive in the market, and building a reliable reputation is impeccable. The best digital marketing diploma in Karachi makes it clear that people prefer a brand that does not have any scandal or suspicious record of bad customer services and as a company itself. Digital marketing offers innumerable ways to set up a remarkable seller-consumer relationship.

    1. Know More About Your Target Audience

    Digital marketing lets you engage with your prospective clients and eventually understand their needs following what you have to offer them. It offers convenient and effective ways of communicating with your prospects through social media, blogs, and polls. A poll or survey is a great way to know them better. However, it is crucial to pay attention to their responses to improve your services in their benefit to increase your business and enhance its reputation. You can have a one on one conversation with some of your prospects to know their hesitations regarding your product or service and what are they being offered by your competitors in order to make a way to satisfy their needs while also keeping their budget in mind.

    According to the best digital marketing institute in Karachi, it has been proven to be a great way to build lasting relationships with your customers and also to get them to keep coming back to you.

    1. Better Conversion Rate

    Digital marketing allows businesses to weight their conversion rate in real-time by knowing the viewer rate, converted leads, and subscriber ratio. Different digital marketing methods like SMM, SEO, email marketing, and newsletter subscriptions are effective and efficient approaches to get high conversion rates that lead to better and quicker communication media with consumers. Although not all the traffic your website gets may turn into leads, therefore, digital marketing diploma in Karachi helps you target a particular set of audience who actually needs the kind of service or product you are offering to have an improved lead conversion.

    1. Better Engagement with Remote Consumers

    With the Google mobile-first feature, almost all websites is made mobile-friendly. This is mainly because most people access the internet through their smartphones as it is the most convenient way of communication and getting information for them. The best digital marketing institute in Karachi focuses on mobile marketing by prioritizing the development of mobile-friendly websites.

    1. Higher ROI

    While traditional marketing required individual budget distributions for different advertising platforms, digital marketing is much more progressive. Digital marketing diploma in Karachi helps you let businesses get maximum exposure and better and greater customer engagement results that further into generating leads, promoting higher ROI.

    Perks of Digital Marketing Diploma In Karachi For All Types of Businesses

    With everything going digital, a larger group of prospects is found online, compared to the people you can attract through traditional marketing. It allows brands to reach a bigger audience in both cost and time-effective way. Here are some of the most remarkable perks of digital marketing that you will excel further in digital marketing diploma in Karachi.

    • Interact with your prospects and learn their requirements.
    • Get more and relevant leads in a budget-friendly way compared to the old marketing approach.
    • Know your audience better and create brand loyalty.
    • Set your brand name in the international market.
    • Get a platform to track marketing responses immediately.

    Wrapping Up

    Only a few marketing ways are as pocket-friendly as digital marketing, but all of them are done individually. Digital marketing allows you to market your business on different platforms altogether, creating better communication and data handling. Since these facts can be helpful for all types of companies, enrolling in the digital marketing diploma in Karachi can help you set your mark in the industry by helping businesses grow.