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    Set Your Business On Daraz Via Daraz Boot Camp:

    Keeping in view the technologically driven era, world is progressing into digital reliance. Hence there is no doubt that online business is the future of the world and this includes our country Pakistan as well. Anyone can be a part of the biggest online shopping platform of Pakistan and expand ones online business and make the most out of it with Daraz Online Training Course In Karachi. Since Alibaba group, i.e. The largest giant of e-commerce world; has acquired Daraz; our professional trainers will equip you with the skills and techniques about working with leading online commerce platforms, logistics and technology on a global level. Also, they will guide you about expanding your business easily by living in the comfortable environment of your home in Pakistan. Change Your Status From Buyers To Sellers On Daraz: You must be well aware of each and everything about buying from Daraz. However, now is the time to enjoy being a seller at Daraz. It is all fine if you do not know how to sell on Daraz. Our Daraz boot camp will enable you to know and understand each and every detail in a comprehensive manner. Our Daraz training course includes the following:
    • Introduction of Daraz
    • Account registration as a seller
    • Research about the products
    • List down your products (single and variation of products)
    • Approval of products
    • Keyword research
    • Ranking of the products
    • Social media marketing (Brand awareness, YouTube, Facebook)
    • Paid marketing campaigns (Discounts, Ads and much more)
    • Using Daraz seller that is central in order to begin with, selling as well as receiving the orders
    • Order management
    • How to get in touch with the contact support
    • Review building
    • Customer services
    We are keen to help you in building your Daraz business in Pakistan

    Daraz Training Course Breakdown:

    Following is a brief overview of the activities that will occur during the Daraz boot camp: Introduction To The Daraz Account Opening:
    • Darazz business and potential models
    • How Daraz account can be created
    • Set up your Daraz seller center account and get ready to go

    Access The Profit Earning Products:

    • Look for the criteria that your products must possess in terms of beating the competitors
    • Which categories will provide maximum results and avoid the other products?
    • Complete overview of the product selection system giving details about each and every product
    • Stretch the criteria of enablers for your most liked products, but not meeting your criteria

    Evaluate Suppliers And Samples:

    • Understand Daraz’s Fee
    • How to make your products stand above the rest of the products
    • How to ensure product sourcing
    • Ensure professional online presence
    • Calculation of cost of products
    • Get samples for opportunities

    Ordering Your Inventor And Creation Of Your Store:

    • Choose the right supplier and get the profit margin
    • Prepare yourself for inventory order
    • Product listing
    • Design product package
    • How much inventory should be ordered?

    Perfect Product Page:

    • How to beat your competitors with the product listing
    • How you can find strategic keywords research for top places
    • How to gain traffic and conversion
    • How to come up with a compelling description of your products?
    • Which kind of product images to attract and then convert the leads
    • How to choose the product prices for profit?
    • How to create an optimized product listing?

    Product Launch: 

    • Product launch process of Daraz
    • Preparation for successful launch
    • Make informed decisions with data
    • Introduction to sponsored advertising of Daraz
    • Optimize prices against sales and ranks
    • Sustain profitably by achieving top rank

    Deals Management:

    • How to meet eligibility criteria to be in flash sales
    • How to get enrolled in deals based on occasions
    • How to get enrolled and enjoy the benefits of 11.11 sales
    All these above mentioned activities are taught step by step during our Daraz training courses. IF YOU ARE MENTALLY PREPARED TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS TODAY; WE ARE THERE TO HELP YOU IN IT

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What If I Will Need More Facilitation After A Couple Of Months?

    We will continue facilitating you via our professional groups. You will be added to those groups as soon as you will join our Daraz training course.

    Am I Supposed To Sign Up On The Spot Or I Can Wait?

    Seats are available for Daraz training course for a limited time period. You must grab one for you there and then and secure your Daraz online training course in Karachi.

    What in case I need to attend an ongoing class to clear my concepts later on?

    Computer Educator usually does not allow anyone to join the class after 6 months. Core values: Our core values differentiate us from others is that all our team members believe in continuous improvement and innovation. We believe to:
    • Be one of the primary sources of computer knowledge
    • Promote professional, intellectual, personal, and social development of our youth
    • Dedicate ourselves to diversity and integrity

    What Makes Us Different From Competitors?         

    We enable our students to make use of their capabilities in the best manner. We instill an achievement, spirit in our students to advance their profession. We help them to achieve exemplary vision.

    Why Computer Educator?

    In one line why us; is that we offer the best Daraz online training course in Karachi. You will be amused with several benefits by joining our Daraz online training course in Karachi and they are as follows:

    Multitude Courses:

    We have multitude of courses for you. You will be taught more than one course by joining us.

    Latest Modules:

    We ensure to update our modules on a regular basis. As soon as we see something new; we add it in to our module to keep abreast of the marketing needs and requirements.

    Pre And Post Skills Assessment:

    We assess our students about their improvements. We are dedicated to ensuring we are adding value to the lives of our youth. Hence our Daraz online training course in Karachi has several ways of assessing what has been added to the skills of our students before and after completion of the courses. So do not wait any more and join hands with us for your secured online e-commerce career. We are just a few clicks away from you.