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COBIT5 Foundation Training Course In Karachi, Pakistan

This COBIT 2019 Foundation course In Karachi, Pakistan is planned for professionals seeking a deeper concerned of the governance and management of enterprise IT. This COBIT 5 certification contains the five principles and seven enablers that form the basis of the COBIT business framework. Real-life developments and puzzlesmatch this COBIT training course.

COBIT provides the management and means to build and stand a best-fit governance system that aligns with main related standards, frameworks, and regulations. The COBIT framework is also actually relevant to the modern enterprise. It bringing construction to decision making and assisting in the creation of a more active governance system. COBIT offers the latest thinking in Enterprise Governance of Information & Technology (EGIT) and is a comprehensive repository of guidance, tools, models, and properties to help business leaders achieve their purposes for effective I&T governance.

Course Key features

  • Communicating instructor-led COBIT 5 Foundation certification training
  • Extremely Qualified, Certified, and Accredited trainers
  • The flexibility can be practical at a level appropriate to the project.
  • Communication with co-participants from diverse backgrounds
  • What is organization structure for the project management team
  • Mock tests providing
  • Case Studies which are Business-driven
  • Product-based development approach
  • 97% pass achievement rate


  • Main challenges of using IT
  • IT governance ideas and benefits
  • COBIT 5 framework, principles, and enablers
  • The connection between stakeholder needs and governance
  • Application approach for using COBIT 5
  • Structure of COBIT 5 procedure reference model
  • Governance and managing domains
  • Components of COBIT 5 courses
  • Need for ability assessments
  • COBIT 5 ISO/IEC 15504 approach
  • Presentation of COBIT 4 maturity model approach with COBIT 5
  • Additional COBIT 5 enablers for IT governance and management

Introduction to COBIT® 5 Implementation

  • Constant Improvement Lifecycle
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Transition Considerations for COBIT 4.1, Val IT and Risk IT Users

Process Capability Assessment Model

  • The Course Capability Model
  • The basic ISO 15504 concepts.
  • The modifications between a Maturity and a Capability Assessment


If you’re functioning in audit and insurance, risk managing, or governance of enterprise IT, then COBIT is your one-stop solution for mastering IT. IT specialists such as auditors, IT managers, and managers in IT service-providing companies will find this COBIT 2019 course helpful in advancing their careers.

Certificate of Completion

This course is certified by ITSM explanations. As per  PeopleCert (the exam provider), you essential to take three steps for students to sit for the exam :
1. You comprehensive the video lectures (which should be done on Demy)
2. You pass the preparation quizzes on the Integrity Training site and earn our CoC (Udemy does not allow us to see your quiz marks. Commands on how to contact Integrity Training are in the course.)
3. You connection ITSM Solutions directly to get a Certificate of Completion from them. ITSM may charge you’re for extra courseware before offering a CoC, so checked with them if you have any apprehensions about that.