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    Computer Educator Offers Latest Power Bi Course In Karachi

    Computer Educator is offering a detailed and comprehensive Power bi Course in Karachi specifically designed to focus on corporate sector decision makers, business analysts and individuals to perform pro-active data analysis in order to enhance business productivity. With the help of Microsoft Power BI, one can transform one company’s data into visuals to be collected and organized. This enables one to have focus on what matters the most one. Moreover, it enables one to know stay in touch, spotting the trends while they are happening and pushing the business in positive direction further. We are offering a step by step detailed Power Bi Course in Karachi to equip the learners with complete understanding of this Power BI tools and perform the daily reports. At the same time, users can create BI dashboards without looking for technical IT support.

    What is Power BI?

    In simple words, it is one of the business analytics services, delivering insights to enable informed, precise, and quick decisions. Some of the prominent tasks performed by this tool include the following:
    • Transforms data into visuals and shares them with peers on any gadget
    • Explore and analyze data visually; it is done in the cloud or on premise
    • Collaborates on shared and customized dashboards offering interactive reports
    • Uses business intelligence for the decision making that are data driven

    Key learning of the Power Bi Course in Karachi:

    Key learning points of the Power Bi Course in Karachi include the following:
    • Introduction to Power BI
    • The services related to Power BI
    • Power BI report server
    • Desktop based Power BI
    • Datasets, dashboards, and reports
    • Content packs and row level security
    • Data sources and natural language queries

    Connecting to files:

    • Importing the excel files
    • From excel, content is published to Power BI
    • Data refresh and updating the files in Power BI
    • Data relationship management and the Power BI data model
    • Optimizing the reporting model
    • SQL servers, Hierarchies, and other data sources
    • Configuring the data for QA, and R Script data connector
    • Creating a group and content packs
    • Combining and shaping data

    The Query editor:

    • Advanced editor
    • Formatting and shaping data
    • Combining and transforming data
    • Modeling and merging data

    What are relationships?

    • Viewing the relationships
    • Creating relationships
    • Cardinality
    • Syntax, cross filter direction, and functions
    • Calculated tables and columns, context, and measures

    Power BI Reports: (including page formatting and layout)

    • Chart creation and multiple visualizations
    • Using histograms and geographic data
    • Desktop settings
    • Report and dashboard settings

    So what Power Bi Course In Karachi Will Teach You?

    By enrolling in this Power bi Course in Karachi you will learn: Clear and precise step by step lessons from the Computer Educator instructor Intelligence and insight from the business and marketing data in less time as compared to traditional spreadsheets To create data models using DAX language for development of powerful calculations Use the Q&A feature of Power BI to ask questions of your data providing the new insights To create dashboards and reports with Microsoft Power BI within few clicks of a mouse Publish dashboards and reports on the internet and viewing them by using laptops, smartphones, or tablets within a matter of minutes Create a range of graphs as well as visualizations with drag and drop technologies

    What Are The Requirements For This Course?

    • You need to know the basics of data working in Excel
    • You need to have an email address to sign up for the Power BI services
    • Download the Power BI desktop app which is accessible from Microsoft

    Description Of The Course:

    If you are someone who is new to this Power BI and willing to fill the gaps in the knowledge, then this course is meant for you. Our focus has been on providing our students with the fundamentals that they need to work effectively with this tool. You do not need to sit through days of training in order to understand how this tool works. By enrolling in this online Power BI training course in Pakistan you will learn to working with this tool in half the time. It has been designed to give its learners a basic and significance online Power BI training to become experts of this tool called Power BI.

    Whom Is This Course For?

    This course is meat for all the
    • Excel users working with reports, data and spreadsheets
    • Existing business intelligence users and developers
    • Business users required to create reports which are Power BI based
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