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How Much Does An Amazon Virtual Assistant Cost? – Amazon FAQs

A virtual assistant provides administrative services to clients as an independent contractor while operating outside of the client’s office. Business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs get help from virtual assistants to outsource time-consuming tasks which helps them to save time and money to run the business.

Virtual assistants help with simple tasks such as handling correspondence, scheduling appointments,  writing social media marketing campaigns, and acting as a business’s customer support.  More importantly, they save business owners on operating Amazon Virtual Assistant Costs.

The virtual assistant remotely helps businesses with a variety of tasks that could be anything from replying to emails to updating websites or offering technical support. 

The virtual services are offered in monthly plans that are priced by the total amount of requests by the client. This amount is usually translated as hours and is available to the client each month. The price ranges between $9 to about $25 per hour. The smallest packages that are available are 20 hours per month.

However, higher-priced packages typically reflect additional hours available. These packages sometimes include additional features as well including a backup assistant or an account manager. Therefore, virtual assistants with other skills often receive an additional hourly rate.

Skilled Amazon virtual assistants do not come cheap. Since they have specialized skills, some Amazon virtual assistant who is high in demand has been charging anywhere between $60-100 per hour as well. 

Thus, the salary range for the job varies greatly with the experience and the skills offered by the virtual assistant. However, on average a new Amazon virtual assistant can earn up to $1000. Mid-level virtual assistants, on the other hand, could earn $1000-$3000, and the experts have the potential of earning more than $5000 per month by setting up their own agency.